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They rise out of the ashes. . .

Resurrection is a Buffy/Cordy RPG very loosely based on At Night a Buffy/Cordy ficlet series written by marenfic.

Setting & Premise:

New York City, Winter 2005

:After the events of "Chosen" and at the urging of her family and friends, Buffy has decided to leave the slaying business to the others for a while as she finishes her degree and tries to reconnect with the part of her that isn't the Chosen One. She's alone for the first time since she ran away the summer after sending Angel to hell and it's both exciting and scary to be on her own.

: Meanwhile, Cordelia has woken from her coma to find the AI team in the belly of the beast. She voices her concerns to Angel, but Angel can't or won't leave Wolfram & Hart because of Connor. Cordelia struggles with their situation and with the aftermath of Jasmine's possession of her body. As everyone expects her to be "her old self", Cordelia tries to figure out what that means-- what was her, and what was Jasmine and Skip? When Fred is possessed by Illyria, Cordelia is consumed with grief and flashbacks about her own experiences. She decides to leave Wolfram & Hart and move to New York to pursue her stalled acting career, leaving Angel and the demon business behind. Or so she thinks.

: Wesley is devastated by the loss of Fred and the return of his memories concerning Connor. He finds that he can't stay at Wolfram & Hart with Illyria and Angel serving as daily reminders of his failures and losses. Wes spends several months taking a tour of America's seediest dives, where he drinks himself into oblivion every night, before Gunn tracks him down and delivers a message from Angel. Since they've taken over in L.A., Wolfram & Hart's New York branch has picked up its activity in the demon world and they want Wesley to think about starting up a New York branch of Angel Investigations. Gunn offers to send Spike to help him, but Wesley turns him down. He has someone else in mind for the job.

: Faith spends six months in Cleveland, trying to fill Buffy's shoes before she starts to feel trapped and decides that maybe she wants to do her own thing after all. She leaves the Cleveland Hellmouth in the capable hands of Kennedy, Willow, & Robin and decides to visit her old haunts in Boston. She's only there a few days before the feds show up, so she runs, feeling certain that she's in a better position to make amends on the outside of a prison cell. Faith isn't sure who turned her in, but she has plenty of ideas. Not that she has any chance to test the theories-- she has to keep moving to avoid capture.




: When everyone went their separate ways after the battle with The First, Dawn followed Giles to London. After she took some accelerated courses and Giles pulled a few strings, she was accepted into the Institute of Historical Research through the University of London. Along with her classes, she’s training to become a Watcher and is working quite a bit with Giles as he re-builds the Watchers Council. She misses her sister a lot though and it’s getting harder and harder for her to sit still and wait for Buffy to invite Dawn back into her life.


Regular Characters:

Buffy -- southernbangel
Cordelia -- marenfic
Faith -- jadedcynic
Wesley -- marenfic

Recurring Characters:

Gunn-- elucidate_this
Dawn-- tinpanalley
Connor-- cornerofmadness
Rafael-- cornerofmadness

Potential Recurring or Guest Characters:

Original Character-- Buffy's college friend(s), sarcastic office staff person for Wes & Faith, etc.
Angel (as a future guest character)
Spike (as a future guest character)
Other Buffyverse guests??

** If you are interested in participating in this RPG, please contact southernbangel or marenfic with the character you'd like to play and how you see them interacting in the story. We are particularly interested in someone picking up Gunn as a recurring or regular character. Original characters are also welcome.

*** The OOC discussion board for Resurrection RGP can be found here.
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