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03 October 2005 @ 04:27 pm
I love the nightlife (Buffy--Club) Tag: Rafe, Cordy  
Buffy glanced at the dim exterior of the club, a long line of people already waiting outside, and sighed. What was she doing? Was she really about to go spend an evening with Cordelia Chase? No amount of free alcohol was worth that. The eagerness she had shown earlier in the afternoon had quickly dissipated on her way home as the reality of what she had agreed to became apparent. Buffy had been running from her past for so long, making concerted efforts to stay away from anything slayer-y, demon-y, apocalypty, and here she was, agreeing to go out with Cordelia Chase, a reminder of everything she was trying to leave behind.

Wait, hold up. 'Go out'? It's not like this is a date. This is drinks-free drinks--nothing more. And why are you even thinking this?

Tossing her money at the driver, she quickly exited the cab, slamming the door shut behind her. Rafe had said he would be waiting for her at the bar, but he didn't say if he had put her name on the list. Taking a chance, she walked up to the burly, tattooed bouncer and tapped him on the shoulder. His glare would have sent anyone else running, but Buffy had faced much scarier demons on a nightly basis than this guy could ever dream of being.

"Hi. Uhm, is Buffy Summers on the list?"

The bouncer checked his list and, finding her name, silently let her pass. With a short nod, she walked to the entrance, taking another deep breath before opening the door to the club. The 80s music blaring from the speakers throughout the room greeted her as she entered the smoky room. The strobe lights on the dance floor were the only lights in the room aside from the dim glow at the bar. Not feeling up to dancing just yet, Buffy made her way over to the bar. Relieved when she saw Rafe behind the counter, her luck grew when she snagged an empty spot. She waved slightly at Rafe when he glanced her way and waited for him to take her order.
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cornerofmadness: Rafael byMaren rpgcornerofmadness on October 20th, 2005 07:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Hi (rafe- Club) Tag: Buffy
Rafael rolled his shoulders. "Maybe. To be honest I've never been anywhere but here. Maybe I should go pursue my acting career in L.A."