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21 September 2005 @ 09:05 pm
Charles Gunn: Dissatisfaction and Obligation in LA  
Gunn signed his latest letter to Cordy with a sigh. He wasn't sure why he wrote them anymore, it's not like she ever replied. But somehow he couldn't make himself stop writing the relentlessly cheerful, painfully false missives. It was a rather elaborate fiction, friendship, happiness, satisfaction with life. But while he was writing the letters he let himself believe just a little. And he needed that too much to stop writing.

There were two quick knocks on his office door and Gunn knew that it was Angel before the door swung open. Spike and Illyria wouldn't have bothered to knock. And Lorne barely bothered to leave his office since Fred.

“I need a favor.” The muscles in Angel's jaw were clenching and Gunn knew that whatever the favor was it wasn't going to make either of them happy.

“Okay. What do you need?”

“I need you to find Wes.”

Gunn shook his head. “Hate to break it to you big guy, but I already did that favor. Four or five times now. Without you even having to ask. And let me just say that I sincerely doubt that in the three weeks since I last saw him he's decided to crawl out of a bottle and drag his ass back here.”

Angel grimaced. “I don't want you to bring him back.”

“You want me to find him just to find him?”

“No. I want you to ask him to do me a favor.”

Gunn couldn't help but laugh. “Angel, Wes can barely get it together to tell me he's okay and I should leave him the fuck alone. I highly doubt he's in any shape to do anything for you.”

“Well he needs to get into the shape to do it! He owes me.”

Gunn frowned.

“And you owe me too. Or you owe us. Or you owe him. Something! You owe somebody something.”

Gunn went silent. When he began to speak again it was barely audible. “I think that spending time in a hell dimension getting my heart cut out did a lot to repay that debt. And just so you know Angel, at some point I'm going to stop letting you use my guilt to get me to do shit for you. What do you need me to convince Wes to do?”

Angel sighed. “You know there's been increased demon activity in New York?”

Gunn nodded. They'd been getting reports on it for weeks. Most of it had been in the form of self-congratulatory press releases from Wolfram & Hart NY.

“I need someone to start up a branch of Angel Investigations over there.”

“Angel Investigations doesn't exist.”

Angel glared.

Gunn put his hands up. “Okay, fine, it does, we're it. Go us, the little guy taking on the corporate giant.”

“I need Wes to open the New York branch. To fight Wolfram & Hart over there and keep the demons at bay. We'll give him Spike to help him out.” For the first time since entering the office Angel smiled a little.

Gunn's lips quirked slightly. “Do you have any thoughts on how I should convince him? Any sort of specific plan? Or should I just take away his whiskey and push him toward the coast.”

“Yeah, I have a plan.”

Gunn grabbed a pen and took down the details of the plan that would either save or destroy Wes.